NOVA Writing Events was launched with a simple goal: To help authors find out about events they can attend _before_ said events occur.

In NOVA and DC, there are two chapters of the Romance Writers of America, one chapter of the Horror Writers Association, a chapter of the Mystery Writers of America (this group is also a Sisters in Crime chapter), and three chapters of the Virginia Writing Club. There are also at least four different public library systems with active event calendars.

All of these groups host workshops, club meetings, book signings, and conferences that authors can attend.

There is a cornucopia of goings-on, but unfortunately most of these events are only advertised by word of mouth. This means that authors often only learn about an event after the fact when an acquaintance comments on how much fun it was.

This calendar is intended to fix that problem.

Please check out the latest events, and help us out by submitting events.


P.S.  This site was inspired by a similar site that covers the Richmond, VA region. RVA Writing Events is worth checking out if you live in that area.